A few words about us

We have been breeding AKC Labrador Retrievers and AKC Golden Retrievers for the past 20 years.. These two breeds are our passion... We put extreme time and effort into enhancing the breed.. With health, temperment, trainability, to bring out the very best qualities of the breed..

Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Doubledoodles bring all of these wonderful qualities to you and so much more. These are Hy-Breds which are bred to a higher standard. Bringing the wonderful temperment, and family friendly number one, most popular, Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever. Putting in the Standard Poodle, second smartest of all of the breeds. This gives more trainability, low to non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, better health.

Goldendoodles, F1, first generation. Mother the Golden Retriever, Father Standard Poodle.

F1B, Mother a F1 Goldendoodle, Father Standard Poodle..

F2's, Mom Goldendoodle, Dad Goldendoodle...

We do not breed "Multi Generation" beyond F1b's as we feel that is Breeding out the wonderful Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriver, which we strive to keep.
Labradoodles, F1's, First generation.. Mom Labrador Retriever, Dad Standard Poodle..

F1b's, Mom F1 Labradoodle, Dad Standard Poodle...

Doubledoodles, or North American Retrievers.. These are the newest of these Hy-Bred's.. Mom, Labradoodle, Dad Goldendoodle.. So 1/2 Labradoodle, 1/2 Goldendoodle.. Two wonderful breeds in one AWESOME pup.. Doubledoodles have surpassed all of our expectations.

Third generation pups. Bring to you all of the wonderful traits of the Golden, Lab, & Poodle in one pup.

We are both retired and denote all of our time to bring the very best family pets to you..All of our Mom's & Dad's are family menbers and recieve the very best care, training, and vetting. All pups are born indoors, handled from their first breath. Played with by our grandkids.. Well socialized.. Come to you registered, vet certified, health certificate, shot, worming, records, written one year guarantee.. We do not breed the "Mini's" only Standards (45 to 55lbs) average.. Have found that the mini's aren't kid "Tuff" and durable for the kids. We strive to bring the very best family pets around.....